Art lockdown is a record of lockdown, from this corner of the world

During the 2020 Covid 19 UK lockdown, many people felt that they should be spending all this “free” time creating. Painting, learning a language, keeping fit, or eating. But free time only exists if there is the natural opposite – work time, unfree time. The concept of loose, shaken time is as stupid…

as me time.

Time is bloody time and it does what it wants to, like a monster, regardless of how we see it.

Art lockdown started as a record of the things Raw Art did, but then became about the things I didn’t do, during this time. Productivity – what’s that? What was the point? Why create when everything was falling apart around us?

Are we staying the same? Are we changing? What is a question without a question mark.

Please use the contact page if you were in ART LOCKDOWN yourself – or even had no wish to be. Or you were indifferent either way.

While Raw Art bast’rd hosters have f’cked up the database, you can reach me here. Instagrammed artwork can be bought here too – through a subtle and frustrating process of negotiation.

Siân Superman, London, October 2021