The things we do in lockdown are different from other things. In late August, our downstairs neighbour thought he has Covid because he fainted at the dentists. I booked him a test as he is not online. Ordered one too, just in case – we could get it sent and they were fine about it.…

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Maybe not read, but purchased over the last twelve weeks. Lockdown makes you buy stuff – it makes me buy stuff – second hand books. In order Have a Bleedin’ Guess by Paul Hanley. Took ten weeks to arrive – something happened somewhere along the line and they had to re-order. I liked that fact.…

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Isolation Station

Isolation station is a new series of pamphlets from Raw Art. Made from re-used grocers paper bags – collected in 2019 from the fruitsellers by the tube. A collection of memories – a short story – a photograph – a paintbrush – a poem – slogans – photos – diatribes – manifesti – small pieces…

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Mad World – Exhibition for Chickens

The first art I made in lockdown was to contribute to Jared Schiller’s Exhibition for chickens, details here and youtube channel here. A peculiar lockdown rut had set in. And everything was so busy. Food shopping took hours and was totally shit. There was no flour; and no bog roll at the start.

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