Early spring started with sunshine. With late spring came showers. And if that’s not immensely exciting SPY code for something, I don’t know what is.

APRIL – Everyone was cooking sourdough starters, it seems, whatever they are. The starters, not the everyone. I know this from social media, I do not know this from “real life”, because “real life” and “information” and “getting angry at the telly” are all getting mixed up. My dad told me he was making sourdough via Whatsapp so that definitely wasn’t real.

Was it.

The point being?

On that social media: Jack Monroe was able to tell people how to make meals from the stuff in their cupboards, limiting the amount of time spent going to the shop. GOOD. The incompetent people in government were all getting the bloody pox – needless to say for the most part, they carried on being incompetent but this is not the place to get angry about it here.

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